Holiday puppies

I recently did a training segment regarding holiday puppies. You traditionally see people wanting to adopt black cats during Halloween, white bunnies at Easter, even the big craze of Dalmatian puppies after people Watched 101 Dalmatians. Another thing that happens every year is puppies purchased at Christmas.

It is very common to see families want to welcome a new puppy into their home. The main thing to remember is this is a lifetime commitment and it is important to make it a FAMILY commitment. Children always agree to help to achieve getting the puppy, but good follow through is important to make sure they are serious. A game plan is important, training is the key and a good understanding of the breed chosen is best.

Each breed had been hardwired to do a specific task. Make sure you research their task so that you know what to do to satisfy their needs. A Labrador is a Hunter, a retriever. A Beagle loves to bay and hunt with his nose. A border collie thrives on herding cattle/sheep.  A Dachshund has no fear and will crawl into the littlest space to find a rat. If you don’t know what the breed you chose does, it can cause issues in understanding how their mind operates. 

Remember the proper steps for success to a smart, well balanced puppy. Step 1: Choose The breed right for you and your family. Step 2: Enroll your puppy in a training class. Step 3: Have a consistent routine with your family to ensure lifetime success. 

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Dog vs The Postman

The house is quiet, you are watching television and all is right in the world. Before you know it, your dog has sprung to his feet and is going crazy at the bay window. What the heck? What’s going on?! You get up(amongst yelling at him to shut up,) look out the window and see the Postman walking away from your house. Your dog has successfully saved you and the house from this horrible monster everyone calls the Postman and looks forward to doing it again at 2 o’clock tomorrow afternoon.

Whether it is the Postman, UPS Driver, Fedex or the meter guy, even someone walking by the house can pose a threat to your dog. In my house, it is the squirrel that twitched his tail or the rabbit just sitting there cleaning himself while driving my dog crazy.

Dogs look at your home as their job. It is their job to protect it, scare away threats to it and monitor everything that happens. They enjoy the house and every window becomes a television of fun. Everytime something moves, they see it and are on it!

How can you correct crazy behaviors? Easy! By consistent training of course! Barking, charging the window and erratic behaviors can me managed by a few simple techniques.

Leash work
Attaching a leash to your pup can help redirect their behavior quickly and avoids chasing them from window to window. They also start to understand that they can’t run away. The leash is a good reminder that there is an automatic consequence to their behavior.

Treats can be a great way to help redirect them from the window crazy. If you have a leash attached and treats readily available you can teach them paying attention provides great results! Redirecting them and not allowing them to bark continuously can help break the habit.

Professional Dog Trainer
Consulting your local dog trainer can help you with training techniques that well be successful. Finding someone to go into your home can address these issues much easier because they can see it first hand. Sometimes works needs to be done at home before a pup enters a training class.

Remember, YELLING and CHASING your pup around the house everyday only encourages this behavior and they soon think it is really what you WANT them to do. Their job then becomes being protective and territorial.

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