Watch “Urban Agility: Parkour Rock Wall!” on YouTube

I have always been creative with my dog Romeo about what he can do when we are on a walk. How far can I push him. I think I was just as bored with a walk as he was. So, I decided to start challenging him to do fun things. I would have him sit on tree stumps, sit in Adirondack chairs at Blue Harbor, walk along a nature railing or wall, sit on steps, go up on walls, sit on boxes, little boxes and weirdly shaped boxes, stand on a skateboard. I have always found ways to make him comfortable in tight spaces and weird surfaces and obstacles. This started my love for agility.  Except, I was never interested in competition. It really never sparked to me and that’s why I started Hyper Tails Agility Club.

In the years it has existed, it has grown, changed and morphed to what it is now. My team is excited to bring in a new form of agility and stand out from the others to help owners enjoy doing parkour like we do!

When working with fosters, this is something else that helps them build confidence and build their trust in us. Whenever we are at a new location, we see rocks and benches and tight spaces not as they are, but for obstacles and challenges! I can’t wait to receive my titles and help others do it as well!

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Leadership struggle

Sorry guys for not posting a new blog in a while! I have had a lot of work lately with private training and rehabilitation! What I have consistently found is a leadership struggle between owner and dog!

Leadership struggles happen everyday. As humans we find ourselves dealing with changes and challenges with people, our current job, friends and family. We know how to handle that. The communication is understood and through ups and downs we learn what is most effective.

Then, we get a dog.  Should be the same right? Not really. Dogs live by a different code. They want respect right from the beginning. They thrive best with clear and well thought out direction. They learn by our consistent behaviors and language. This means that how we look at them, how we talk to them and how we handle them plays a HUGE role in how well they respect us and choose to listen.

Yes, I said they CHOOSE to listen. They are not robots, are not expected to know how great your last dog was and what is expected. It is YOUR job to help them understand that through training and consistency. Potty training may be different, personality traits may change and habits are not the same in every dog. Think of it along the lines of children. You have 3 children. One loves soccer, one thrives in football and the third adores reading books. You know to incorporate sports for the first two, but the third doesn’t follow suit so what do you do? Book club! You find it and encourage it!

The tricky thing is if you decide to rescue or foster. Now, you have dogs with shaky pasts, dogs with unknown history or dogs that truly had no foundation. It can be an even bigger challenge to help proper leadership happen, make sense and profit in the long run.

So, this is the summary of the story today people. Leadership comes from YOU. It means that when you decide to bring a dog into your home you signed up for that commitment. You said, “I can be a successful leader and owner to this dog.” If you decided to try out fostering, your commitment is the same. To help provide the best leadership possible. It isn’t always easy, you will not always do everything right or know the correct answer, however you can figure that out. How you ask? By contacting a trainer, ask others in fostering, speak with your local rescue or even ask your veterinarian for advice. There is ALWAYS a solution.

Oh yeah and remember this…YOU CAN DO IT! Everyone can! It just takes some time and practice along with some great advice!

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