We Are Their Voice!




‘Two Paws Up Tuesday”

As we wrap up the month of April which is ASPCA’s Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Month we are going to touch on a few basic things that you can do to save the life of an animal. There are 10,000 estimated Puppy Mills in the U.S., 250,000 animals fall victim to hoarding annually and every 60 seconds another animal is abused!  Step one to reducing some of these staggering numbers is to educate yourself and get involved!

  • Be aware of all the neighborhood dogs.
  • Don’t be afraid of doing a health and wellness check on a new dog or puppy that is all of a sudden not seen or heard from.
  • Ask if you can introduce your dog, with their dog, and try to set up possible play-dates as a way of checking on the health and wellness of the new kid on the block.
  • A warning sign of possible abuse would be seeing a dog chained up without adequate shelter, food and water. Especially during hot summer or cold winter months.
  • If it’s safe to do so, take pictures of the abused animal, environment and owner if possible.
  • Add to the contacts on your phone your local Anmial Shelter, Rescue, and Animal Control.

Most rescues and shelters take in animals from puppy mills, dog fighting, hoarding, abusive situations and over populated shelters across the Country. You may not be able to adopt a pet of your own, but there are other things you can do to help.

  • Become a Foster parent to an animal who is too stressed out from the animal Shelter environment.
  • Check the wish lists of the shelters and rescues in your area to make donations based on their specific needs.
  • Volunteer your time to walk dogs or just to sit with the animals to help give them a human connection and feel loved.

Everyone can make a difference in an animals life just by supporting your local rescues and shelters.

Information courtesy of: ASPCA and Shirley Morse

Training Tip provided by Rebekah Hintzman Owner and Lead Trainer for RUFF Academy Real Life Dog Training. For proper socialization of a puppy it should interact with at least 100 people. This will help to build a great foundation for a happy healthy puppy and member of society.

FUN FACT courtesy of American Kennel Club: Puppies are born deaf, and they can’t hear until they’re about 3 weeks old. Once their hearing kicks in, though, they hear 4 times better than most people, making your dog’s hearing much more reliable than yours.


Looking for a website that provides you with all the resources and links you need for your dog? Look no further and use the link above for the perfect resource for you and your dog!






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