Get A Leg Up on Training Your Pup!



“Two Paws Up Tuesday”

Everybody wants to have a well-behaved, well-mannered pet, but for many people, training is a long, frustrating journey. We’re here to help make training a fun and enjoyable process for both you and your dog.

Here are a few things to start the process until you can get registered in puppy classes.

  • Determine what motivator works best for your dog. Treats are usually the easiest to work with, and most people are able to find treats that even finicky eaters love. When picking training treats, don’t settle. Find high-value or “jackpot” treats, something that really makes them drool! Praise is also a good motivator for many dogs, and used generously with treats, will make most dogs very happy and willing to work. Favorite toys can come in handy too, especially in distracting environments.
  • Combine a rewarding motivator with a verbal cue. Before you start training the behaviors themselves, teach your dog to associate a word (cue) with receiving a reward (treat and praise). Once learned, when unable to reward instantly, use your reward cue and your dog will know their reward is coming even if they have to wait a moment to get it.
  • Decide on your cue. It can be anything, but it should be a short, sharp word such as “YES!” Or “GOOD!” Now, with a handful of “jackpot” treats and with your dog nearby, say her reward cue and pop a treat in their mouth. It’s that easy! Repeat, repeat, repeat, repetition is key for your dog to understand the concept. Some breeds may catch on faster than others so be sure to keep the training interesting and engaging. Do these training sessions several times throughout the day for several days, and your dog will know that if you say “GOOD,” a treat is coming their way. Your dog’s understanding of this cue puts you in a very good place to start teaching proper behavior, but remember to decide on a cue, then use it exclusively.

Many different training methods can help turn your dog from a rambunctious, unmannered pet to the picture-perfect canine good citizen. Part of your job as a good pet parent is to find the best approach for you and your dog. Use the link below to register for a variety of classes and let the fun begin!

Fun Fact: Your puppy’s sense of smell is approximately one million times more sensitive than a human.

Fun and Games!

  1. Temporary placement of an animal?
  2. Dogs that assist people emotionally or physically?
  3. The best place to take your dog for training?
  4. Type of collar used for training?
  5. Snoopy is one of these?
  6. Attaches to the collar to identify your dog?
  7. Dogs being vocal are doing this?
  8. Poles used in agility to go in and out?
  9. Name of the Blog?
  10. Baby dogs?
  11. Smartest dog breed?
  12. Scooby Doo was one?
  13. If someone does something naughty they are considered to be in this?
  14. Attaches to the collar for walking?
  15. High-value or ________ treat?

Check next weeks blog for this weeks trivia question answers.






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